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Muchacho1994 (or Muchacha as known on Wikia) is a user who usually does YouTube Poops. He does not plan to do any GoAnimate videos, but will sometimes do commentaries on GoAnimate videos. GoAnimate videos (except for knockoffs by unknown people who just want views). YouTube.

Muchacho1994 is a fanfiction author that has written 34 stories for Dora the Explorer, Caillou, Sesame Street, Rugrats/All Grown Up!, Doug, King Of The Hill, iCarly, Arthur, Sam & Cat, South Park...

[-] Muchacho1994 1 puan2 puan3 puan 5 ay önce (0 alt yorum). I know! It's obviously fu—(A train wreck happens outside.

Jake "Muchacho1994" Geoff is a 22 year-old man from Toccoa, Georgia whose primary hobbies include making YouTube videos (primarily YouTube Poops)...

Find out why. Close. Olga Tañón - Muchacho Malo (1994). OLGA TAÑON Mix - Se que vendrás llorando , Muchacho malo , Es mentiroso - Duration: 9:40.
Скриншот из фильма : Olga Tañón - Muchacho Malo (1994) - YouTube